Youth Empowerment

About Us

Peyvand Youth Empowerment Program (YEP) seeks to create a virtual and in-person safe, supportive, community of youth. Peyvand youth community members learn to successfully navigate cross-cultural communication, feel pride in their cultural heritage, and are inspired to become leaders in the global community. Our members are committed to the importance of meaningful diversity, inclusion, and representation. Community members find a sense of belonging within Peyvand youth. The aim of this program is to bring awareness, through general presentations and activities facilitated by volunteer professional staff to both parents and children.

Youth Support

Bringing virtual and in-person events to our youth. 

Meet the Team

The team is dedicated in creating a safe, fun, and developmentally appropriate space for youth ages 12-18. Peyvand YEP is a space where youth can learn about their cultural heritage, explore their identity, and find community. 

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