Youth Empowerment Program

Committee members: Sara Manesh Berger, Darya Farivar, Niloofar Hashemian, Desmond Holiday, Elicia Nasrin Jonson, Kiana Rashidi, Leyla Salmassi, Shahrzad Shams.

Youth Powermant

Youth Empowerment Program

Peyvand Youth Empowerment Program seeks to create a virtual and in-person safe, supportive, community of diverse Iranian youth. Peyvand youth community members learn to successfully navigate cross-cultural communication, feel pride in their cultural heritage, and are inspired to become leaders in the global community. Our members are committed to the importance of meaningful diversity, inclusion, and representation. Community members are part of the Greater Seattle Iranian community and find a sense of belonging within Peyvand youth. The aim of this program is to bring awareness, through general presentations and activities facilitated by volunteer professional staff to both parents and children.

Our Mission:

Peyvand Youth is dedicated to creating a safe, fun and developmentally appropriate space for Iranian youth ages 12-18 who are immigrants and descendants of immigrants. Peyvand Youth is a space where individuals can learn about their cultural heritage, explore their identity, and find community. Community members will develop healthy social emotional skills and find mentorship and opportunities for personal growth

Meet the Team

Sarah Manesh Berger

Darya Farivar

Niloofar Hashemian

Desmond Holiday

Elicia Nasrin Jonson

Kiana rashidi

Shahrzad Shams

Leyla Salmassi

در این روزهای پرالتهاب به فکر حال فرزندانمان باشیم

سازمان پیوند برای حمایت از خانواده‌ها در این روزهای پرتنش با ایجاد فضایی آرام، شاد و دوستانه، محیطی امن برای نوجوانان فراهم کرده تا کنار دیگر دوستان لحظاتی را به خوشی سپری کنند ساعاتی برای بازی، نقاشی، کمک درسی، خلاقیت معاشرت و دوستیابی

زمان: هر هفته سه‌شنبه و جمعه ساعت 4-8 عصر

7718 NE 141st St, Kirkland, WA 98034 :مکان

تلفن: 4258905001

کلاسهای سه شنبه و جمعه111

دورهمی جوانان و نوجوانان 11 تا 18 سال

ساعاتی برای سرگرمی و آشنایی با برنامه های تفریحی آموزشی مرکز نوجوانان پیوند
همزمان آموزش بیس بال ویژه جوانان و نوجوانان
زمان: جمعه 23 سپتامبر- ساعت  7:30 -4:00 بعدازظهر

7718 NE 141st St, Kirkland, WA 98034 :مکان

جهت ثبت نام رایگان، لطفا به لینک زیر مراجعه کنید

Fall Ice Cream Social With Baseball and other fun activities!

Come find out about Peyvand Youth Empowerment Programs

Friday, September 23rd at 4:00 - 7:30 pm

7718 NE 141st St, Kirkland, WA 98034

For free admission RSVP at this link:

آشپزی ایرانی

آموزش حضوری یکروزه، ویژه نوجوانان

چهارشنبه. 3 آگوست. ساعت یک تا چهار بعدازظهر

ظرفیت محدود است، لطفا برای کسب اطلاعات بیشتر با ایمیل زیر در تماس باشید

Summer Persian Cooking adventure15

In Person Class, Fearturing The Talented persian_Momma & Joon Sweet

Pre teens And Teens

Wednesday August 3rd 1 pm-4 pm at Kirkland

For more info contact to:


Peyvand Summer Coding Camp
Taught by Code For Fun

2022 Summer Coding Camp
July 5-8 at 1-4 pm
Mobile App Development Online Camps
| Online | Intermediate |
Ages 11-15
Starting at $175/child with a $25 sibling discount.

“App” Your Self!
Want to learn how to create your own mobile apps from the comfort of your home? Learn the basics programming through mobile app development with Code for Fun using the MIT App Inventor! Have fun creating and sharing apps with your friends. During this course you will learn how to create a user interfaces, develop simple games for android devices, utilize device sensors, and create your own virtual assistant like Siri or Alexa.
Run the apps you create on your mobile device or simulator (Strongly preferred to use a physical device as many of the sensors we will be using are not present in the emulator).

Material needed:
Mac, PC or Chromebook / iPad
All classes are Pacific Standard Time at 1-4 pm

For more Information email to:


Family Support Conferences

Play Video

Nassim Hoseini Nejad

Adolescence and Self-Esteem

Mona Ebrahimi

Adolescence and Anxiety