Public Relations

Peyvand Public Relation started in 2021 with the aim of introducing the vision and services of Peyvand organization. In this group, people specializing in technical and artistic affairs are invited to cooperate, all of whom voluntarily accompany the organization. Our mission is to introduce new and attractive ideas to Persian-speaking audiences, with the intention of familiarizing them with our organization’s vision so that they can be more successful in and easily able to communicate and use the services of our organization.

Meet the Team

Soolmaz Dadgari

Niloofar Hashemifan

Erfan Mehdi Bek

Zahra Ranjbar

Ramin Salimi

Become a Volunteer

The peyvand organization is a non-profit organization rooted in the sense of responsibility, love and passion of its volunteers. We take pride in gathering as many perspectives as we can in our group for a superior and wholesome approach in our work. Therefore, we are always eager to ask for help from friends with any age and occupation who are willing to join our team and support the Iranian community. Dear friend, you can join our family by filling out the form provided to become a volunteer