Persian and Iranian Studies

Peyvand since its inception has held cultural and fundraising events to support the University of Washington Persian and Iranian Studies Program (PISP). PISP is dedicated to promoting scholarship and thoughtful public discourse about all aspects of the history and culture of Iran and the Persian-speaking world. 

Directed by Professor Aria Fani, of the Department of Middle Eastern Languages and Cultures (MELC), the program's scope includes the diverse Persian and Iranian cultures found throughout the Middle East. Students in the program have the opportunity to study up to four years of Persian language, literature, history, and culture taught in both English and Farsi. 

Our Impact

Ensure the continuity of the Persian and Iranian languages, in partnership with the University of Washington

Most Recent

Learn more on the contexts for translation in Iranian and Afghan literature as an institution and late 19th early 20thC literary journals. Second in the Iran Colloquium Series of 2021-2022 at Yale.

Aria Fani

Director of Persian and Iranian Studies Program at the University of Washington.

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