UW Persian & Iranian Studies Program

Committee members: Shahrzad Shams, Keyhand Rouhani, Niloofar hashemmian


Peyvand has, since its inception, held cultural and fundraising events to support the UW Persian & Iranian Studies Program (PISP).

The Persian and Iranian Studies Program at the University of Washington is dedicated to promoting teaching, scholarship, and thoughtful public discourse about all aspects of the history and culture of Iran and the Persian-speaking world. Directed by Selim Kuru, chair of the Department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization (NELC), the program’s scope includes the diverse Persian and Iranian cultures found throughout the Middle East and the Diaspora. Students in the Program have the opportunity to study up to four years of Persian language, literature, history, and culture taught in both English and the Persian language.


1- Establish an endowed Teaching Position to ensure continuity and protection of the Persian Language Program. This will prevent the possibility of program elimination due to the government or university budget decreases. To accomplish this goal, the Persian & Iranian Studies Program needs to raise $2,000,000 in 4 years or less.

2- Strengthen the PISP to serve as a credible source of public and academic education on the history, culture, arts and current events in the Persian speaking countries.

3- Strengthen the ties between the Persian-American Community and the PISP at University of Washington.

4- Provide community support for UW events related to the Persian speaking world


1- UW endowments established to support the Persian & Iranian Studies

2- Student Fellowships at the University of Washington

3-Promoted the Persian Circle Student Organization at UW

4-Supported the Ancient Iran Day event at University of Washington

6- Provided a Fund for the UW Iranian Graduate students

Our History

Peyvand has, since its inception, held cultural and fundraising events to support the UW Persian & Iranian Studies Program (PISP).
Collaborated with the department of Neareastern Languages and Civilizations and Department of History to hold the Ancient Iran Day Yearly Grand Nowruz celebrations Co-sponsoring educational and cultural events Collaborating with the UW Persian Circle to host public lectures

NELC Students and Theatre Group Bring Shahnameh into Life.
June .2.2022

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Prof. Aria Fani Talks

On the contexts for translation / terceme / in Iranian and Afghan modernities: Literature as an institution and late 19th early 20thC literary journals. Second in the Iran Colloquium Series of 2021-2022 at Yale.