Peyvand's Core Values

• Altruism
• Equity
• Diversity
• Inclusion
• Knowledge

Youth Empowerment
Peyvand Artists Group
Iranian Film Initiative
Cultural Events
UW Persian Studies Program

Peyvand's Main Objectives

Pride in Iranian Heritage -Peyvand is dedicated to creating spaces where Iranian immigrants and Iranian Americans can celebrate and learn about the cultural heritage. We believe that our heritage should be shared with the Greater Seattle community and welcome people from all walks of life at our community events.

Meaningful Inclusion and Representation- We recognize that representation without a voice at the table is tokenism. We actively fight for intentional inclusion and diversity to build a strong community. Diversity includes but is not limited to race, ethnicity, nationality, religion, socioeconomic status, gender identity, sexuality, disability, and age.

Community Development and Mutual Aid- In the absence of systems of support, Peyvand is committed to cultivating a community of support to empower each other. We are creating a community where all members can express themselves, learn from each other, and develop strong genuine connections.

Artistic Expression- Arts are a critical form of personal and cultural expression. The arts tell the stories of our ancestors and celebrate our identities. Peyvand is dedicated to the proliferation of Iranian arts and artists.

Individualized Scholastic Achievement- We recognize that education is not freely provided across the world and is a tool for socioeconomic growth. We support students of all ages pursuing self defined success in academics.

Personal Development- Peyvand supports individuals in finding self defined success in many areas including but not limited to social emotional skills, leisure activities. Peyvand believes that all community members have the potential to become authentic, effective, leaders and should have the opportunity to explore their potential. We believe that all individuals should have access to the tools they need to become the people they want to be.