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Peyvand NPO is a non-profit community support organization established and strengthened by the commitment, passion and expertise of its volunteer. We take pride in the diverse views and approaches of our volunteers who enrich our programs and are eager to invite new members of any age or background to join our team and support the community. Welcome to our family!

Meet the Volunteer Team

In Alphabetical Order

Sarah Manesh Berger

Soolmaz Dadgari


Mona Ebrahimi

Mental Health Counselor

Shaghayegh Ganbari

Social media coordinator

Desmond Holiday

Niasim Hoseyni Nejad

Mental Health Counselor

Elicia Nasrin Jonson

Behnood Kiasssati

SEO / Development

Erfan Mehdi Bek

Video production

Ramin Salimi

Video production

Parmida Ziaei

Kiana Rashidi

Ghazal Hesami

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